Whether software, web applications or user-experience development, Fred Zuill's service covers a wide gamut of technologies and domains. His solutions have ranged from mass distributed consumer applications for fortune 500 manufacturers to unique mission-critical data systems for aerospace subcontractors to tasteful websites for local merchants and artists - and even award-winning shareware utilities and casual games.

Software Development

Software of true quality is a rare thing, born of control over some foundational yet often misunderstood notions. Fred has a unique grasp of the elements at play, making it possible to develop software that does what it should right from the start – and software that is ready to evolve, easy to maintain and a pleasure to use.

Web Development

Websites and online applications are software, too – but with special advantages and unique challenges. These require the same quality approaches as any other software. They also require experience like Fred’s in the online realm, his intimate understanding of networks, servers and databases and his skill with web development tools like Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, VisualStudio and more.

UI and UX

A lifetime of experience at the crossroads between people and tools is irreplaceable. Such experience is at the root of Fred's uncanny insight into the hidden purposes of systems and the unspoken needs of users. Mysterious behaviors surface when people and technology meet, but Fred brings uncommon abilities to understand users and to consistently craft effective, engaging and award-winning User Experiences and User Interfaces (UX / UI).