About Fred

Fred Zuill has been a Technology Consultant serving innovative businesses for over 20 years.   Currently he serves his customers with a keen focus on their need to quickly evolve viable, user-centric and technical solutions, to implement and support those solutions and then to evangelize among customers, investors and the press.

Champion for the User

Fred quickly and thoroughly becomes an expert in the workflows, technologies and business domains of his clients.   He then effectively applies uncanny insights for user behaviors and system needs.   Then using broad technical skills (*), Fred rapidly prototypes, architects and implements meaningful and practical solution options.   Finally he brings quality to the product and credibility to his client by publicly serving as customer champion and product evangelist.

Award Winning Results

Through early 2008, Fred served for over 5 1/2 years with Hewlett Packard as HP's high-end technical interface to VIPs, the press and its "Creative Influencers" and alliance partners in the realm of creative digital photo printing.   While at HP, Fred also invented the popular and well-reviewed HP Pro Print plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. In 2006, Fred was awarded HP's "Customer Experience Award of Excellence" for achievements that resulted from his tireless passion on behalf of the users of HP's products.   In 2008, Fred and his colleagues won HP's competitive, company-wide business innovation award (including "angel" funding for business incubation) for designing a meaningful new business for HP in the consumer photo realm, for conceiving the associated inventions for that business and for successfully presenting the business plan to the internal investors.

Experience both Broad and Deep

In the 15 years prior to his stint with HP, Fred used these same set of unique technical and "soft" skills and insights to serve a multitude of clients and employers in a range of industries and disciplines including Flight Test, 911 Dispatch Systems, Financial Planning, Online Technical Manuals, Medical Office Automation, Manufacturing, Construction, Signage and more.

(*) Fred's technical expertise includes computer software, hardware, servers, networking, Internet, digital imaging and other technologies. His software skillset includes object-oriented development and prototyping using Adobe Flash / Action Script, C++, .NET, PHP, .ASP, SQL and much more.  Fred's design and documentation toolkit includes Visio, Adobe Photoshop, MS Office and many other tools.   Fred regularly mentors, trains and inspires on technical and general topics ranging from software quality to color management to effective writing and presentation.